Hailing from a rich cultural blend of Italian and Swiss heritage and currently based in the vibrant city of Paris, Fiona is a rising artist in the global electronic music scene and has proven multiple times she’s one to watch . With an innate passion for music that dates back to childhood, Fiona has seamlessly woven the threads of the multiple creative industries she evolves in into the tapestry of her DJ career.

Fiona’s journey into the world of music began as early as she can remember. Immersed in creative environments, she started writing for magazines at 17 years old, dreaming to share her taste and opinions with an audience by becoming a journalist. She actively participated in music festivals as an artist liaison as a student, her life was already pulsating with the rhythm of the electronic happenings in her city. Growing up alongside a renowned cousin who was a DJ ignited her curiosity, but it wasn't until her time in Los Angeles that the spark of DJing and production truly caught fire.

Returning to Europe at the age of 23, Fiona rekindled her love for club culture, experiencing it with fresh ears. In 2019, she made the bold decision to fully pursue her passion for electronic music, marking a turning point in her career.

Despite the challenges of a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, Fiona has emerged as an international tour de force. Her music transcends borders, taking listeners on an emotional journey from the heart of Paris to iconic dance floors in London, Tokyo, Seoul, Sao Paulo and beyond.

At the epicentre of her musical expression lies her radio residency on Rinse, aptly named "Planet to Planet." Here, Fiona delves deep into the realms of music, seamlessly traversing multiple genres. She invites some of her favorite artists to join her on this sonic odyssey, creating a unique and captivating experience for listeners worldwide.

Fiona’s sound is a vibrant tapestry charged with euphoric influences, masterfully merged with their profound love for house and techno. Her sets are a sonic journey that can traverse Italo, breakbeat, hard house, acid, and 90s rave with a surprising and always groovy escalation and blend of genres. Each performance is a testament to her skill in creating an electrifying atmosphere that leaves audiences yearning for more. As an exciting fresh act on the electronic scene, she is carving her own path, weaving together her diverse creative background and a passion for music that knows no boundaries. With a commitment to sharing her emotions through the airwaves and on the dance floors, she’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.