Felix Almes

Felix Almes (aka fffff of Splatters of Noise) was born in 1984 in Leipzig. His first contact with playing music in early childhood was in the form of accordion lessons. A second moment of contact arose after school graduation while growing into the free techno and hip-hop scenes of Dresden. He familiarised himself with the people in these scenes and tinkered with beats. After over 15 years of distance from music, he found his way back through inspiration from experimental music formats. He started gathering some skills with open-source software synthesizers. Audio environments, sculptures, and journeys awaken his motivation to create. In 2022 he created his first audio performances. In 2023 Felix founded a small collective with the aim of exploring methods of collaborative performative working practice and playing together called Splatters of Noise.

Splatters of Noise is a series of happenings, organised by an open collective. The series operates between the media of fine arts, performative arts, virtual performance, and noise music. Two times each month, the collective broadcasts these two-hour live shows. For each episode, another guest artist is invited to bring in new flavors.