Eric Brwn

Immerse yourself in the world of Eric Brwn, an Afro-German DJ who has found his life in music. From an early age, Eric was captivated by the sounds of HipHop, RnB, and Funk. Born and raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Berlin Tempelhof, he followed his passion on an exciting journey through the music landscape. From Berlin to Frankfurt am Main, from Switzerland to Baden-Württemberg, and finally back to his hometown of Berlin. But the path was not always easy for Eric.

After a successful 11-year basketball career, Eric decided to pursue his passion for music. In Berlin, he found his musical home and discovered the pulsating world of Techno, which has been captivating him for several years now. Eric Brwn mixes music that he himself celebrates, creates, and listens to. With his unique style, he transforms every dance floor into a burning battlefield of ecstasy.

Eric Brwn is a DJ who puts the audience first. With an impressive selection of tracks, he adapts flexibly to the mood and preferences of the crowd. Every set, every gig, and every minute at the decks is a redemption for Eric. Playing with full authenticity and energy, he unleashes his passion for music and captivates people's hearts.

But Eric Brwn is more than just a DJ. He is an ambassador of the electronic music scene and a pioneer for cultural diversity. As a founding member of the collective ''RUG SOUND'' aka ''RUG369'' he advocates as an Afro-diasporic entrepreneur in the Berlin club and cultural scene. His goal is to represent the electronic cultural history and enrich it with his deep understanding and devotion to music.

''RUG SOUND'' aka ''RUG369'' is an independent label and collective that provides a platform for producers, DJs, and artists of all kinds. It offers music consumers access to diverse, resonant music with deep vibrations and a delicate atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the world of Eric Brwn, a master of music and an artist of passion. Let yourself be enchanted by his captivating sounds and experience the unparalleled energy he unleashes on the dance floors. Eric Brwn: The sound that conquers your souls and makes your hearts beat.