Enyang Ha

Ten years ago, Ha emigrated to Berlin to ingratiate herself with the city's vibrant local music scene. She'd grown up in South Korea, but decamped to the USA - Kentucky, to be exact - when she was just 14, staying a while before moving to Tokyo to study. Now an in-demand technician who's worked alongside boundary-pushing artists like Arca, Amnesia Scanner, and Glasser, Ha produced, mixed and mastered her debut herself at her studio in Berlin's renowned Funkhaus complex. Most recently, Ha undertook a residency at Callie's, a Berlin-based non-profit exhibition space, composing and singing a contemporary Korean folk opera piece and rendering it in spatial audio. Ha channels these experiences and skills into music that speaks to a diverse global landscape where borders are as malleable as warm gold. Her prismatic understanding of culture gives her sounds a sensitivity and vulnerability that's universal but never ornate - she finds beauty in ear-splitting distortion, and complexity in sanguine radio pop.