Emma Korantema

Emma Korantema is a London-based multidisciplinary artist, DJ, creative and community producer and philosophical writer. As a DJ, Emma is a true multi-genre selector, journeying underground with exciting and opposing blends with a personal style she describes as hard-but-soft chaotic catharsis. Emma credits her unpredictability to the depth and variety of music she has become acquainted with and heavily inspired by throughout her life. She uses an exploratory range of music - particularly afro-derivative genres such as Afrohouse, Broken beat, Baile funk, EDM, Garage, Grime, Groove, Highlife and Juke - to soundtrack individual and shared moments bound together by feeling, thought and intention, and to travel the link between the musical and the metaphysical. As a result, her mixes contain both nostalgic and futuristic elements that strike chords with many.

In addition to residencies on Foundation FM, Balamii and Oroko Radio, Emma has worked with Footpatrol, Hör Berlin, Keep Hush, Moonshine, NTS, Pirate, Pxssy Palace, Rinse FM, Vandalized and many more. Emma is also a co-founding member of Where Are the Womxn? (WATWomxn) - a collective working to support and create creative industry pathways for womxn in West Africa, who, together with Pioneer DJ and Oroko Radio, have facilitated the opening of Accra's first DJ academy in February 2023.