Electrosexual is the creation of Romain Frequency — the Berlin-based music producer and DJ — as well as a vehicle for them to explore gender, art, technology, and alternative sexualities through auditory signals. Electrosexual’s music "is about emotional connections, not stylistic categorizations," according to Frequency. Rooted in queer politics and aesthetics, their music nevertheless avoids pigeonholing. Instead, a variety of influences will find their way into their music: everything from synthy acid house to EBM-tinged techno, Italo disco-flecked electro, or the occasional track rooted purely in pop. Producing, mixing, and touring for over a decade, the fiercely independent artist has collaborated with the likes of Hard Ton, Aerea Negrot, Karma She, Scream Club, and Peaches, and performed remixing duties for electronic music legends Ssion, Billie Ray Martin, and David Carretta. Electrosexual performed at events including the Waves festival in Vienna, Amsterdam´s Paradiso, Paris's La Machine du Moulin Rouge or in Berlin's Berghain Kantine, Renate, Suicide Club, Kit Kat Club, and SO36 and presented a sound and video installation at Berghain.