One half of French duo Nummer alongside long-time friend and partner-in-crime Silvère Letellier, Emmanuel Corre has recently begun a new chapter in his musical career under the moniker of E-Talking. Inaugurating that new path, his debut instalment as E-Talking came through the high-flying Blue Series of London's finest, AD93.

Released as a split in 2018, “Téléphone Rose” marked a shift from Nummer’s compositions but no betrayal of their respective aspirations. A full-fledged left-of-centre club weapon designed to swash in the club with unrelenting novelty effect, the track makes for a ravishingly disparate patchwork of Emmanuel’s influences, from blazing, acid-informed electronics to bassy deconstructionism, via revamped house and techno tropes.

Emmanuel’s formative years at London’s reputed record store, Kristina Records, helped him forge the distinctive, all-embracing approach that can be felt through his sets and material, as made further obvious on his maiden full-length from 2021 for Going Good, “Techno Man’s Land”.

Mapping his own route at large from normative barricades, the E-Talking project has been gathering momentum with some choice contributions to the catalogues of imprints as varied as Early Reflex, Nerv, Nasty Enterprises and Chanoirs. In the wake of his acclaimed two-year residency on Rinse France and in parallel to regular appearances on HÖR, Emmanuel’s line of action is just about to reveal in all its glorious scope and scale, so better keep your ear to the ground.