Dr. Gabber

Hailing from Argentina DR GABBER aka ALEX GABBER is the creative transformation of CHANTY OTM into producer, composer and DJ of her own brand of electronic music . Able to blend rhythms with experimental textures, breaks, hard percussion and acid techno.  Alex debuted with the remix “La Ketamina”  a blend of Neoperreo and acid techno that acquired thousands of plays in just a few days. She then produced seven original edits for the NTS Show: Edits w/ Kelman Duran, mixing reggaetón, acid techno and tribal sounds to perfection. Currently at work in the studio, some of her most recent creations have been picked up by latin labels such as Salviatek (Uruguay), T.A.U (MX) and Guetto Witchez (Washington DC). Alex is currently working on a project for the Berlin and Beirut techno label Al Gharib  and collaborating closely with the Mexican label Antimateria Sonora.