DORMANTYOUTH is the blending alias of Johannesburg-based non-binary architect, Thelma Ndebele.

Ndebele is known for their BPM-chasing mixes that incorporate Chicago footwork, UK drill, techno, South African rap, Jersey club, Baltimore club and electronica. Their mixing style is aggressive, characterised by a climb in tempo from 110bpm to 160bpm during an hour-long set, with a blend of tracks from different genres to connect various parts of the world in one enclosed and curated room.

Having recently completed their Masters qualification at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, Ndebele’s dissertation research is rooted in spaces where music can be regarded as a sonic archive of spatial information. Spatial information in this context refers to how people move, interact, or even form relationships in space. As a resident DJ at both Pussy Party and Vogue Nights »Jozi« since 2018, Ndebele has been able to investigate these relations and how they can be influenced by the figurehead of the DJ.

Recent notable DJ sets include 2020’s Boiler Room »Streaming From Isolation« with Pussy Party, Nyege Nyege also with Pussy Party, and a contribution to Not Sorry Club’s take over on Lerato Khathi’s Uzuri Records.

Beginning early in 2020 with what would be its solitary physical edition, VIRTUAL BASSMINT is Ndebele’s first attempt at curating their own club space. Moving online in March 2020, VIRTUAL BASSMINT is an attempt at mobilizing the super-alternative SA underground, as well as an archive of the performances during the Covid-19 lockdown. Artists featured so far include RP Boo, Scratcha DVA, Jumping Back Slash, DJ Mdubulo, and more.

Most recently, Ndebele was chosen as an ICA fellow for 2020 and will be exhibiting their work early in 2021.