D'Marc Cantu

Michigan based artist, D’Marc Cantu started working on Acid House and what would later be known as JakBeat in late 2000 after being introduced to Ghostly alum JTC. In keeping with the raw sounds that he's known for D’Marc uses analog gear, meticulously gathered samples and crafty production work to further define JakBeat, a sound that encompasses the emotion and simplicity of early electronica but does not limit itself to just one genre. In 2005 D’Marc and JTC created 2amfm, taking cues from house, techno, acid, electro and hip-hop, to produce such tracks as Sweatbox and Desolate Cities. D’Marc later teamed up the Traxx and JTC to create X2 a super group of JakBeat aficionados, releasing Time Elevation Rhythm and House not House. As a solo artist he has released a number of singles and EPs such as 2009's Another Number on Crème and 2011's Set Free, hailed as a modern classic, on MOS. 2011 also saw the release of his first album, Fallen, on Crème Organization and just months later MOS would release his second album A New World. He has also released on Nation, Ansatz, Shaddock, Sequencias and Echovolt. His latest EP is the 3rd collaboration with Danny Passarella (Passarella Death Squad / Kempes), 'The Future Has A Silver Lining 3' released 23rd July on Passarella Records.