DJ wiggles

Founder & curator of event and mix series kinetic, UK-based DJ wiggles has a penchant for all things deep, dark & mystical, often leaning into the more trippy soundscapes of techno and bass-heavy sounds. Incredibly influenced by artists from her formative years, DJ wiggles places a huge emphasis on emotionally connecting with a dance floor & UK sounds from the past. More focussed on constructing a set with energy in mind than genre, her sets and track choices are always interesting and unexpected, paying attention to how a moment makes you feel. Just as likely to be found in a deep & dark basement playing bass-heavy sounds or deep techno, as on a festival stage playing footwork or house - expect the unexpected.

With a year of big UK club debuts such as FOLD & Corsica under her belt, DJ wiggles has also been exploring the European club scene with shows at Wuppertal’s Open Ground, Berlin’s Zur Klappe & PIP Den Haag. With a return to Above Below festival on the horizon, this summer also sees her debut at UK festivals Field Maneuvres, We Out Here, Twisted, Shambala & Get On, plus Poland’s experimental leaning festival, Gnojki Samba.