DJ Werd

Werd is a Grammy nominated DJ, musical director, producer and performer that has been a fixture in the Berlin music scene for over 20 years. As the only DJ worldwide who is a band member for the hit TV show The Voice, he lives and breathes hip hop. Fusing turntablism, percussion and controllerism, Werd has been an integral part of live shows for some of Germany´s best known artists.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Werd began his career in 1996 while attending Santa Clara University. He established the “Curbside Radio Show” on the college station KSCU 103.3 FM. The hip hop radio show acted as a forum and showcase for local independent artists to reach a larger audience.

Recording and releasing several mixtapes featuring a handful of California underground rappers and producers, Werd toured Europe in 1998. The next year he moved to Berlin, Germany where he met DJ Hype and was initiated as the newest member of the legendary turntablist crew Phaderheadz. Through countless showcases, parties and battles, Werd quickly earned the respect of the hip hop community in Germany and beyond.

Werd has worked as the Musical Director and tour DJ for a wide range of Germany´s most influential artists like Sido (Universal), Joy Denalane, Bausa, Suff Daddy (Jakarta Records), Amewu, Chefket (Universal) and more.

For the past 10 years, Werd has been a member of the live band for the hit TV show The Voice of Germany. Playing percussion, scratching, and producing with Ableton Live, he has integrated elements of hip hop into one of the most successful television shows in the world.

Werd’s passion to create and collaborate with artists and musicians around the globe keeps him busy crossing continents to work on projects, ranging from Sample Science (a monthly event for Berlin-based beat makers and producers), to scoring and editing music for original content as well as running his own indie label Long Lost Relative.