DJ Marfox

The revival in electronic music in Lisboa over the past decade owes a lot to Marfox. Referred to as the “father of Príncipe”, he released the now-legendary label’s first EP “Eu Sei Quem Sou”,  back in 2012, introducing the world to a new sound of Lisboa, informed by the city’s suburbs and the diaspora populations who inhabit them. Marfox’s parents came from São Tomé and Príncipe, an island nation and former Portuguese colony off the coast of Africa, and his sound was informed by both the urban environment he grew up in and his ancestry. Off-kilter, frenetic rhythms collided with video game synths, a lurching, alien and entirely unique take on dance music. In almost a decade since that release, Marfox has toured relentlessly, blazing a trail for many others, and as a DJ his sets retain an essential connection to the music that’s continued to emanate the place where he came of age. We’re honoured to host a hometown set from one of the most important artists in modern-day electronic music.