DHC is an expression of sonic fierceness, an embodiment of passion and intrinsic queer force that surges through their music. Dominik Humeres Correa draws on a deep devotion to their dance history and culture, making connections through undeniable groove and infectious energy spanning the more seductive shades of house, trance, progressive, and beyond. With sister THC, the duo makes up S-candalo; an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, already gracing the likes of Panorama Bar, Bassiani, Fabric, and Whole Festival with their dynamic presence.

With past and present involvement in Berlin-based parties Venus Vessels and La Noche, DHC is constantly expanding their web and cementing their contribution to today's tastemakers, regularly showcasing a more subdued side of their vivid musical insight on Refuge Worldwide. Things are just heating up, with bass in your face, vocal flair, and transmittable style, DHC is the moment!