Devoye is a multifaceted DJ, producer, and musician.Revolving around a unified house and techno music groove, he often weaves in many genres of dance music from around the world.Rooted in Jamaican heritage, Devoye was born in the Bronx, NY. He regularly performs and creates with his father, Mr.Rajah, who has released music on Nervous Records in the 90's. Devoye is heavily grounded in forms of Hip-Hop, Indie/Alternative Rock, Electronic and various dance music genres like House and Techno.

With releases on Coloring Lessons, Haus of Altr, 3afak, and various self released works. Devoye should be on your radar if he isn't already! One of the illest DJ's in the local Brooklyn scene. Youve got to see it to believe it!

“Reflecting on emotions reveal the most supreme moments in life. The strongest of each emotion is communicated back through my conscious being in various forms of music, art, and conversation.“ - Devoye