Dekkapa, the energy generator.

Dekkapa is a DJ who has his roots in Angola, but was born and raised in Portugal. At the age of 13, he left the city of Lisbon to live in Berlin and later, at 17, he started to make a name for himself in Berlin and other German cities, creating an authentic sound.

Mauro Santos (real name) has been in close contact with music since his birth, as his father is also a music lover and has always played loud music from different corners of the world on a daily basis, which has had a positive impact on the artist's mixing to this day. DJ Dekkapa wondered how many of the songs he listened to at home sounded when he would mix them, and so his curiosity turned into a full-time job. As a young teenager, the artist focused more on producing and through that he realised that his heart lies in authentic drums and melodies and he shows this in his released tracks and sets that he plays today. Today at age 23, Dekkapa is showing his DJ skills and rhythm to the world.