Dee Diggs

Dee Diggs is a Brooklyn-based DJ dedicated to celebrating the Black and queer origins of house music and creating space for marginalized groups to express and organize themselves. 

Her energetic, yet deep approach to DJing has seen this Boston to Brooklyn transplant lighting up dancefloors all over; in particular, garnering attention in the queer party scenes. The year 2020 found her at the top of her game after a debut European tour during August 2019, her name popping up on top bills on a weekly basis in NYC, before the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed that momentum. Now in 2021, she can be found plotting her return to DJing at IRL parties, still crafting soulful nostalgic DJ mixes for Soundcloud and radio, while also building her music production chops in her home studio. She is currently a resident at Sublimate NYC.