Dasha Atom

Dasha Atom is the young DJ hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, who currently lives in Berlin. Since 2018, they took part in the development of the Ukrainian electronic music scene, organizing numerous parties, concerts, and festivals.

Dasha's journey as a DJ began in 2021 when they took their first steps with Kultura Zvuku Shkola in Kyiv, under the tutelage of tofudj, also known as Pep Gaffe community resident.

When the full-scale invasion began, Dasha decided to follow their passion and promote Ukrainian electronic music scene in EU. They made an international debut at the Ukrainian truck during the Wroclaw Equality March 2022. Subsequently, they performed at CSD 2022 in Berlin and returned again in 2023, involving more young LGBTQ+ Artists from Ukraine.

One of the most notable Berlin performances was their closing set at the party curated by Dixon at Else, where they shared the night stage with DJ AYA and DJ MELL G. They were also performing at the audio-visual event by Motsion at Fitzroy as well as at Nowa party in collaboration with Femme Bass Mafia at Re:mise.

In their role as a resident and co-founder of the recently established Bass Resistance collective, Dasha curated a remarkable line-up for their inaugural charity project, Power Life Stream. Afterwards, they organised night program for their first party showcase at Ukrainian Sound Garden IV at Else.

Back in their hometown, Dasha graced the legendary venue Closer at the queer party named STEZHKA. They were also invited to record a set for BRUKXT - bass music centric promotional collective from Kyiv.

Dasha's captivating sets have been broadcasted on various radio stations, including Gasoline in Kyiv, HÖR, Refuge Worldwide and THF in Berlin, and Béguin radio in Lyon.

Currently, Dasha Atom is exploring different shades of music, with a main focus on bass, breaks, percussion and sexy vocals as well as leftfield house.