Darkside is the live techno output of the blind martian synthesist Aleksei Brjantsev from Tartu, Estonia.

'Being blind means that the more knobs a synth has, the better it is for me. When there are more knobs, there are fewer menus. If I have to flip through menus, I can count the button presses it takes to get to the next setting. I’m completely able to do it—but silently, not talking, with no one around. The truth is that I could do more if I weren’t blind, like not being so dependent on hardware. It isn’t intuitive to tab and arrow around the screen searching for buttons when you use software. And, unfortunately, it’s kind of a golden rule that the more professional a software package is, the less accessible it is for the blind. That’s why I’m going to integrate modular stuff into my setup pretty soon.' - Aleksei commented for Telekom Electronic Beats in 2017, read the full article here