DANYKAS DJ was born in Lisbon, Portugal. The love of music has always been a constant in her life, atmosphere felt early on in their home. A musical spirit cultivated by her father, a passion that exists in the whole family.

With 11 years begins her interest in the world of DJ'ing, when she get to watch  the festivities that were held by the group ‘Black Project', where were participating in two of her brothers in-laws.

Never leaving the corners of her room, in 2015 comes the first invitation to expose itself to the public in the Room System Project at Casa Independente, Lisbon, held by Seres Produções where she's working currently. Was the place where she could express her vibes through the symbiose of African Electronic Music and Deep House. The desire was increasing, the willingness to take the aspect of music more 'serious' as well, which allowed her to go through places like Lux Frágil, Festival Musa Cascais, Douro Rock Festival, Maus Hábitos, Musicbox Lisboa, two clubs in UK and currently host the monthly Radio Show "DANYKAS JOY TIME" at Rádio Quântica invited by Violet.