Daniel Mayer

Daniel Mayer (born 1988 in Budapest, Hungary) graduated in social sciences and afterwards studied community and social development studies, both at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. He has worked since 2009 as a freelance news producer and researcher for various foreign media outlets covering Hungary, specialised in current political affairs and civil society. In late 2014 he joined the collective which is running the Auróra Community and Cultural Centre, where he helps on a voluntary basis with event organising, communication and international project coordination and is responsible for the international relations of the Auróra centre. In 2017 he started to give specialised private tours for small groups of tourists in the field of contemporary politics of Hungary and the Jewish as well the underground districts of Budapest. In 2018 he became the producer of STEREO AKT, an independent theatre company based in Budapest.