Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery is a renowned British producer and DJ whose music is equally suitable for club and home listening, encompassing abstract techno, house, IDM, and shoegaze.

Initially going by the name Stopmakingme, he began releasing well-received indie dance tracks and remixes starting in 2009, but broke through after he switched to his own name in 2012. His expansive full-length debut, Drone Logic, was released to wide acclaim in 2013. Five years and a DJ-Kicks volume later, Avery released his second album, the more cerebral, immersive Song for Alpha. He kept up a productive, spontaneous release schedule with the 2020 Alessandro Cortini collaboration Illusion of Time, followed by solo albums Love + Light and 2021's Together in Static, all featuring a mixture of industrial techno, ambient, and electro tracks.