D. Tiffany

Sophie Sweetland, better known as D. Tiffany has emerged as one of the most distinctive voices in dance music today - her vision is unique and expertly crafted, reaching for a tripped-out, deep and funky sound transcending any one genre; bass heavy, break laden psychedelic electronic music with an irresistible groove. Both as producer and DJ, she wields the raw living energy of the club with a seasoned precision, and in either case her approach is ferocious and entrancing. This summer she’s played some of the most exciting dance floors, with shows at revered festivals (inc Honcho, Solstice and Sustain-Release) and essential clubs (inc De School, Berghain and Corsica Studios). Her penchant for frenzied, razor-sharp rhythms is always in perfect balance with the euphoric and transcendent dimension of music. Known occasionally for mellow breakbeat revivalism as DJ Zozi and one half of fractured IDM duo Ambien Baby, and also now the label head of Planet Euphorique (amongst a multiplicity of other guises). Like most coming from the hands of D. Tiffany, Planet Euphorique's approach is clearly inspired by the history of dance music but sounds like the future. With an emphasis on representing talent from her intimate circle of co-conspirators, the label is further evidence of the utterly singular world inhabited by D. Tiffany - and with a slew of unreleased material on the way she invites you to step in further. Simply put, D. Tiffany is a vital force in the global dance community, a tiny planet all unto herself.