COT CARDILLO is an established DJ from Buenos Aires, co-founder of the reference party in the Argentine underground LA ESCORPIO CLUB, who has played at festivals in Buenos Aires such as LollaPalooza, Festival Sonora and Ciudad Emergente and has provided music for brands such as Adidas in the presentation of the Adidas Rivarly by Duki line, for María Cher within the framework of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAAFWEEK) and at the Martín Fierro Federal awards gala in Argentina.

COT is passionate about dark, dirty beats, with a lot of sub low, mixing the darkest of old school Reggaetón with the novelty of current reggaetón under, RKT and Neoperreo. She is a regular DJ on the Buenos Aires scene. She has played in clubs such as Niceto Club, Teatro Vórterix, Polo Cultural Saldías, Complejo C, Beatflow and Uniclub; and in numerous parties and events such as La Escorpio club, Fiesta Polenta, Fiesta Calor, Fiesta Hype, Fiesta Flash, Bahía, Club Severino, For the love of dancing, amongst others.