Cecilia Tosh

Cecilia Tosh is mom of the collective and Label SEV Berlin, which supports newcomers in clubculture in various formats (events, workshops, talks) and promotes exchange among the players in club culture to collaboratively define new aims and find ways to approach them.

She started DJing internationally in 2017 and every year since, her BPM has strangely increased by an average of 4. Sonically, it is her selection of deep, dubby and dark tunes which are very significant for her DJ sets. Her focus is currently on techno and her debut EP „Run With The Wolves“ came out in the beginning of this year on SEV Records.

The last and biggest project she's co-managing is the new transdisciplinary open air space CURA Berlin where she manages the booking.

Here are some of the dancefloors she's played at: Wilde Renate, Garbicz Festival, Golden Gate, Ankali Prague, Douala, Pergamon/Jerusalem, Sputnik/Tel Aviv, Alte Münze, Crie de la Mouette/Toulouse, HÖR Berlin.