Caroline Lethô

Caroline Lethô, a rising force in the Portuguese electronic scene, is a nomadic DJ and producer whose magnetic talent transcends borders. From her early roots in Algarve, infused with Indian and African influences, Caroline's sonic journey began attending her father's saxophone classes and jazz rehearsals.

Since her debut EP in 2015, Caroline's impact on the Portuguese electronic landscape is evident, with contributions to Radio Quântica and recognition as a 2018 Red Bull Music Academy alumna. Beyond national borders, her enchanting performances at global festivals and clubs like Tresor, Dekmantel Selectors, Atonal and Waking Life Festival have left an indelible mark.

Caroline seamlessly blends tempos and eras in her mind-altering DJ and live sets, creating magical playgrounds where energy and vibes transcend boundaries. Her deep connection to nature and commitment to environmental consciousness inspire her sonic exploration. Through her productions Caroline unleashes pulsating beats and leads meditative journeys, showcasing the profound power of sound.