Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, this Camgurl specializes in aural pleasure. Originally from Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Camille has established herself as a DJ and producer in Rotterdam, with a sound that blends a variety of genres from breaks to techno to acid or bass. However, she is never bound to a specific sound and enjoys experimenting with genre-bending combinations. This is further evident in her sonic creations, where she experiments with the sensuousness in music through her productions of a dark and trippy nature, flowing from a passion for deep frequencies and sounds that create the sensation of frisson.

Camgurl has built a following by playing her high-energy sets and live performances at clubs and festivals throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Camgurl's international performances in Bali are a testament to her growing popularity as a DJ and her ability to captivate audiences around the world.

She is 1/5 of the DJ collective, @AMPFEMININE, based in Rotterdam that aims to add a lovely variety of color behind the decks and include the feminine energy that is missing in the power dynamics that are currently in place. The collective focuses on giving space and opportunities to women and non-binary DJs, performers, and artists.