Cafe de la Jungle

Cafe de la Jungle seamlessly blends traditional tribal sounds with contemporary electronic music, creating a unique fusion of cerebral and hypnotic beats. Nurtured by the world of synthesizer melodies and the evocative soundscapes of 90s video game music during his early years, he draws inspiration from these influences, resulting in a captivating blend of nostalgic and innovative elements.

Having grown up during a period of rapid technological acceleration, Cafe de la Jungle's upbringing in the countryside instilled in him a deep and harmonious connection to both the digital world and the natural environment. Known for his musical expertise and versatility, Thomas experiments with modular systems, field recordings, and live looping, constantly pushing the boundaries of music and exploring new sonic territories. His signature sound is characterized by the use of ancient-inspired rhythms, exotic instrumentation, and rich, harmonious textures.