Bonzai Bonner

Bonzai Bonner, perhaps more colloquially heralded and cheered for as ‘Bonner’ when hammering out Hi-Nrg and Italo in the clubs of Glasgow, has become one of the city’s most influential DJ’s and caretakers.

Their approach and work behind the scenes has helped to inspire a new generation of community driven artists, creatives and parties having sought every opportunity to rally for an open minded dance floor and to encourage self expression.

Bonner is the pioneering force behind the infamous LGBTQ+ party Shoot Your Shot - a party which has helped champion leftfield dance and electronic music in Glasgow. The parties are joyous, captivating affairs that always leave revellers with a story or two to tell. Smoky rooms, dimly lit, become the backdrop to a whirlwind extravaganza as Bonner commands dancers through the night with long free-flowing mixing. Euphoric highs are paired alongside delicate poignant selections reminiscent of the collective escapism and abandonment they seek to find for themselves on the dance floor.