Bok Bok

Bok Bok is Alex Sushon - DJ, producer, & director of London labels Night Slugs and AP Life.

Relocating from Ukraine to South London in ’92, Bok discovered music via the jungle & garage that saturated their new environment, as much as the pop, metal, rap & dance videos on MTV and The Box. It wasn’t until they left school that London’s pirate radio stations started to pump out Grime music, and Bok was hooked. Scoping out 12” white labels & DJ practice became a way of life, and soon Bok began DJing on pioneering internet radio station UTZ and at impromptu parties on the South London illegal rave scene.

A hunger for raw club tracks soon drew Bok beyond Grime to other, highly compatible music styles - House, US Club, Rap, Techno, etc as they honed a blend of international club music, with a London-soundsystem mentality at its core. Soon a new sound began to emerge via remixes and original beats by Bok as well as other like-minded friends like Girl Unit, Jam City & Ikonika.

Bok and James Connolly (aka Dance System) started Night Slugs in 2008 as a home for this new wave of club music. In 2010, the same year Bok first joined Rinse FM, Night Slugs became a record label, which Bok headed up as de facto exec producer (+ art-director, mixing engineer, accountant, publicist, etc!). Despite the label's DIY ethos, Night Slugs captured imaginations, taking the crew on tour around the world.

The years since have seen Bok Bok continue to tour globally and release cutting-edge club music via NS.

Since 2018 Bok has been an engineer for hire, bringing a signature 'realistic' Night Slugs treatment to a wide variety of music styles.

In 2021 Bok launched a new record label - AP Life - alongside Croydon artist Nammy Wams and Barcelona-based art director Jose Hernández. Where Night Slugs was all about escapism and club euphoria, AP Life is focused much more on the grit, reality & material conditions of London and beyond.

Currently, Bok Bok continues to DJ & produce, remix, engineer, and release records on Night Slugs & AP Life, while maintaining their long-standing radio residency on London's Rinse FM.