Bok Bok

Bok Bok started Night Slugs in 2008, with long time friend L-Vis (now Dance System) – a party and home for the new wave of club music emerging from the crew. In 2010 NS became a record label, which Bok headed up as de facto exec producer, releasing timeless classics from Girl Unit, Jam City, Kingdom and Bok Bok himself among many others. Over a decade later Night Slugs is still changing the landscape of music, reconfiguring club music and seeping ideas into the mainstream. Since 2018, Bok has held down Night Slugs Rinse FM Residency and DJ'd across Europe and the US. 2021 sees Bok launch new music and AP Life, a record label to represent a nu skool of 140BPM UK beats. Where Night Slugs is all about escapism and euphoria, AP Life embraces a grittier, moonlit world - a mirror to our strange & turbulent times.