Blew Velvet

Blew Velvet is a Musician and DJ with global roots as a dancer, performer, and producer in varying nightlife communities. Velvet‘s collection and selection denote their histories in New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Mexico City, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Blew Velvet’s early years were spent touring a counter-tenor fantasy electronic act known as SSTR and since 2018 their music has been published eponymously under the Velvet Touch Records imprint, securing their position as “Pop’s Newest Sacrificial Lamb” (Paper Magazine). Notable remix collaborations include Whitney Weiss, The Carry Nation, and Ariel Zetina. As of 2023 Velvet Touch Records has been reworked into “Entra”, their current dance and experimental independent label.

This fall Velvet began Radio Samt, an abstract mix series, that invites a guest DJ or artist to construct a narrative feature-length mix that leans into experimental music selection and production.

Now based in Germany, Blew Velvet has a club EP and a long-form ambient project underway, both set to be released in 2024.