Billy Idle

Billy is well versed and prepared to play originals and especially edits of '70s funk, disco and space disco, '80s new wave, dance, italo, industrial and plenty of HiNRG. '90s early house, '00s electro and electroclash, '10s dark disco, synth wave and Afrohouse, up to '20s indie dance and other current developments in all of these genres. Billy plays many of his own edits, productions and remixes which typically do not exist on vinyl, but he also plays vinyl whenever a turntable is available. If necessary, decades of digging materialise in the form of thousands of tracks that may reach out to unusual audiences, spanning genres like ska, reggae, jazz, latin, rock, pop, space age easy listening, minimal and techno. But don't expect you can as for a specific song: whatever genre, Billy has his own signature tunes!