Billy Caso

Originally from South England, music producer and collector Billy Caso has spent the last 10 years in Berlin building his path as an eclectic and open-genre artist through fields of jazz, modular synthesizers, and collage-style mixes & beat-tapes. As well as founding open genre tape label and listening event Pastiche International, Billy has performed worldwide on various tours, hosted various radio shows, and featured with regular shows on NTS Radio, Worldwide FM, and Dublab. Through his psychedelic blend of genre-mashing productions, mind-bending collage-style DJ sets, beat-tapes, and musical features with the likes of Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Brandon Coleman, Fly Anakin, and Nailah Hunter to name a few. After a four-year process, Billy's long-awaited debut album ‘Planet Earth’ is complete and will be released very soon.