Ben Sleia

Ben Sleia keeps one foot firmly in the dance at all times. 

After years spent in dinghy warehouses and clubs, she’s got a raver’s sensibility and intuitive touch of what it takes to make a crowd feel.  After regular sets at 24 Kitchen Street, Ben Sleia caught the eye of FOLD & Lobster Theremin and has contributed mixes to both series.

As a resident on Melodic Distraction with her show BRUITS, and as a co-founder of women-led inclusive party ATHE, Ben Sleia uses her platform to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists with a view to diversifying the dance music scene. 

Find her every month on Refuge Worldwide. Expect anything on the tastefully harsh left side, with a bent for the UK-centric: broken techno, hardcore, jungle, electro and techno.