BED is a Berlin based band founded by Argentinian bass player Sol Astolfi and Chilean vocalist Nicolás Astorga in 2021. After initial experimentation and writing sessions, they invited German guitarist Ema Schiller to join. At its core, BED is a queer musical project, with a sound rooted in shoegaze, dream pop and post punk. Their lyrics are sad and sexual, weaving together threads of both vulnerability and desire, producing a body of work that challenges normative creative expression. This is exemplified in the vocalizations, which are intentionally gender ambiguous, representing a fluid identity throughout the album. Inspired by musicians such as Liz Harris (Grouper), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Courtney Love (Hole) and Bowery Electric, the band winds together iconic elements of the 90s scene, layered with ambient and influenced by the Berlin rave scene. On the upcoming release, BED collaborated with electronic music producer Cybermission, who contributed drums and synth on the first single. EVERYTHING HURTS, the introductory track to the intimate glistening universe of BED is an angelic cry for help: a swan song to save a breaking relationship or to repair a broken heart.