Moe Choucair is a multidisciplinary artist specialized in film and audio, well practiced as performer and music industry professional. Moe co-founded the Ballroom Blitz in Lebanon, a multi-room music venue by night and open-house for artists by day, and continues to guide its operation today with an attentive eye on curation, communication, and creative direction. He performs under diverse monikers, most notably his latest project: Bakisa. As with all works, music goes in all directions, and chases many aesthetics and styles. Performances often step away from the realm of music and takes diverse shapes in the world of art, with the example of Air Pressure, a piece dubbed a diary of the Lebanese Skies, a project by Lawrence Abu Hamdan which has toured many museums and cultural festivals including the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York, Pompidou in Paris, and was adapted to film which premiered in Fondazione Sandretto in Torino.

A wide scope of work animate his everyday which includes creative direction of the Ballroom Blitz, writer and editor of the Ballroom Express, core team member of Ma3azef and radio AlHara, curator of UK platform Keakie, producer of the artPost21 Podcast with Dr Omar Kholeif, resident artist of Radio Raheem hosted by the Triennale Museum of Modern Design in Milan, as well as freelance audio visual consultant. A special highlight of his performances features a protest piece dubbed “You are not very famous in Palestine” which premiered in the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021.