BackTracked is a Berlin-based electric jazz trio that started out playing live compositions inspired by famous hip-hop artists such as J Dilla, Missy Elliot, and OutKast. They are the band that perform at Sameed’s event “A live jazz band plays the music of…”. By integrating original samples live on stage, whilst evolving much-loved classics in their own style, they have created a feel-good spectacle that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking in the same breath.

Matt, a hip-hop and house fanatic, used to come with the arrangement ideas, and Hiromu and Paul, having studied at the Jazz Institute Berlin, invoke a rich knowledge of jazz and pepper the arrangements with the subtleties and flourishes to make the pieces their own.

Now BackTracked write their own music and the process is much more collective. They still play shows reworking hip-hop artists, but also compose original music. They have an EP coming out at the beginning of 2022.