Angel Maxine

Angel Maxine is Ghana’s first openly transgender musician. She is a Ghanaian songwriter, singer, activist, and influencer known for advocating for the rights of LGBTQ+ people in Ghana and across the African diaspora. She uses her platforms to raise awareness and inspire action against societal ills. Her viral song, titled "Wofie' became an international hit song and a Pride anthem on TikTok about two years ago.

Her next hit song ‘Kill The Bill’, spoke up against the Anti-LGBT+ Bill which is currently being discussed in the Ghanaian parliament. While her videos are fun and light-hearted, she speaks sincerely about the experiences of oppressed minorities in her community, including queer people, trans people, and sex workers.

She has appeared on BBC, DW, Vice News, and Global Citizen amongst other big international platforms. She has created a niche in the Ghanaian music scene and appeared and spoke on most of the local radio and TV stations in Ghana.