Andrej Micajkov

Andrej Micajkov is a DJ, promoter, and label owner based in Skopje, Macedonia.

As a collector of obscure jazz, funk, soul, and mysterious RnB and UK street soul on vinyl and mp3, he creates unique mixes for the airwaves.

In 2019, he co-founded БРАН (BRAN) record label along with Aleksandar Grozdanovski (Herzel).

On the club side of things, he has been throwing parties in Skopje for the past 10 years with DJs such as Sadar Bahar, Jamie 3:26, Tom Bolas, Mark Grusane, Millos Kaiser, Masalo, Eddie C, Customs, Tom Trago, Gino Grasso, Running Hot, Mr. Mendel, Tama Sumo, Good Block, Donna Leake, Lipelis, Norm, Zernell, Moodymannan, Dasco, Marcel Vogel, DJ Amir, and others.

Occasionally he puts out music under Flute Power and Invitation to Love.