Ambient Sleepers

Ambient Sleepers is an event and podcast series focusing on ambient and experimental music. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we are curating gender-balanced line ups, promoting diverse international artists.

Created in 2018, our monthly events started at SAE Institute Berlin. This project was developed in order to offer a chance to up and coming artists to showcase their arts. Our goal was to create a free room for expression and open networking space allowing people to meet and exchange.

Each event was featuring a live act and a DJ set, as well as a music/art related workshop or a panel to discuss important topics, such as music business ethic, music productions tips or cultural aspects in various international scenes.

Since 2021, Ambient Sleepers is joining Refuge Worldwide for a bi-monthly radioshow. This fundraising platform has worked with a young womxn’s centre, refugee housing support associations or a music school for marginalized persons. This community offers visibility to minorities and fights against all kinds of discrimination.

'Ambient music is about evasion, creating new spaces of consciousness between external and internal perceptions. Stepping away from conventional rhythms or fast repetitive beats, this genre explores a form of ‘visual’ sound, often composed of nature soundscapes, field recording, complex sonic textures, or acoustic instruments.’

Ambient Sleepers is a sub-project from Art Bei Ton