Berlin-based French artist Alekzandra has constructed all her life around music. Getting into electronic music in the early 2000’s, she worked in Ibiza as a DJ and for the legendary Ibiza Underground Club. Facing the need to explore the whole spectrum of the scene she moved to Berlin where she immediately felt at home.

Alekzandra’s background lies in dark minimal synth-wave sound as well as experimental drone ambient which has naturally led from her more dancefloor-oriented performances to EBM and Industrial Techno. No matter if she plays Techno, EBM, Industrial, Minimal Wave, or Ambient – her sets are designed to indicate a deep, hypnotic and mystical state among the audience. To reach those exact experiences on the dancefloor she keeps preparing each performance with a clear vision.

The best recording sessions are those in which sounds, rhythms, and voices faithfully express everything that has been dictated by the soul.