Adelle Nqeto

South African born singer/songwriter Adelle Nqeto is an introverted curious observer, whose love affair with music began around the time she learned to speak. From piano and violin lessons as a child, singing in church choirs with her mother, to finding her safe place picking up the guitar at age 11, music has been the fundamental part of her formation as a human expressing the angst of her little life.

This foundation led to her fronting a duo in the 2010’s where she flexed her musical muscles playing most of South Africa’s music festivals. In 2015 she took a brave leap and began a solo project, which has so far culminated in 2 EP releases, a myriad of shows played in South Africa and Europe, and a move to Berlin, where her affection for music and dance have only expanded.

Her love for rhythm and groove (find her front-row vibing with the drummer and bass player at any given concert) have comfortably opened up into a new exploration of sounds that make you move, her ears open to all the sonic influences she’s collected over the years as a traveling musician.

Perpetually in pursuit of the words and melodies to say the things she struggles to say, these days she’s writing songs, scripts, playing live, dabbling in production and singing along as a member of Berlin-based vocal ensemble, ‘A Song For You’