Aaron Peters

A1R 0N is a Cape Town-based music culture curator whose energy has been immersed into a variety of experiences. Co-founder of The Other, responsible for producing the 7-year running leftfield dance party “SWIM” hosting artists such as Teki Latex, Rival Consoles, DJ Call Me, Jumping Back Slash, Angel Ho & Bujin.

The Other Records - Cape Town’s obvious choice for less obvious records, and online community station The Other Radio. A home for the more left-of-centre music community in South Africa and a few from the globe.

He ran a monthly radio show on the UK-based radio station Worldwide FM “Southern Tips” where he focused on new South African music and is a co-programmer at One Park listening bar, booking artists such as Nabihah Iqbal, Donna Leake, DJ Okapi, Esa, Richard Greenan, Atiyyah Khan and plenty more.

He has been involved with Search Festival, the independent music festival outside Cape Town, from its inception as the music director, recently named one of the top ten festivals in December by Resident Advisor, booking artists including Jamz Supernova, DJ Lag, Charles Webster, Rose Bonica, Biodive, Kujenga, Alice Phoebe Lou.

As a selector, A1R 0N likes to find a balance between beauty and intensity. Ambient, jazz, folk, outernational, devotional, experimental, soul, electronic, leftfield South African, and a variety of sounds to assist in a shake and elevation.