Aaron Maar

Aaron Maar (1993*) is a Czech-German artist. In addition to installation, video, and photography, he works primarily in the fields of performance, community, and sound. His form of expression is characterised by a pronounced affinity for materials, images, and moods, which inspire and prompt him toward a sculpture practice that includes a variety of media and references.

Aaron’s sound piece “Muzika bude hrat/Music will be played” is an experimental sound composition informed by memories of last summer. Including choirs, electronic sounds, and old Moravian folk songs he sonically depicts his memories of Maříž, a small town in the Czech Republic, and his daily life there. The field recordings and elements of harmonic sounds attempt to capture a particular feeling of this time. “Muzika bude hrat/Music will be played” reverberates between fireplaces, realities, and dreams.