Refuge Worldwide position on Israel-Palestine crisis

A statement from Refuge Worldwide

By Staff

We have seen a thread on social media relating to a post on our news site regarding a fundraiser for Palestinian charities.

While we stand by our support for Palestine we would like to take this moment to clarify that everyone at Refuge Worldwide is 100% committed to the rejection of antisemitism. Voicing support for the rights of Palestinian people should not and should never lead to racism or anti-semitism. Violence of any kind toward Jewish or Arabic communities is completely unacceptable.

We believe in the right to Jewish self-determination, at the same time as supporting Palestinian freedom. These two concepts must be allowed to live side by side.

With regard to the news piece for the Ankali / Radio Laude fundraiser, we understand that this is a highly sensitive issue and have removed the post while we work out the best way forward, given that we represent a large number of resident artists of different political opinions. We should have consulted our own community before posting.

Respectfully, Refuge Worldwide